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Our Story

The DiBernardo Soccer School was founded by Coach Marcus DiBernardo, a recognized expert in the theory of Cognitive Processing & Ecological Dynamics as it applies to soccer coaching.  His body of work includes consulting for Major League Soccer, European Pro Clubs, Europe's Trainers Magazine, Altinurdo FC in the Turkish Pro League, featured presenter at the International Congress of Neuroscience in Soccer in Spain, Soccer Summit Speaker, Guest on SiriusXMFC "The Coaching Academy", Championship Productions Soccer Series, and many other media outlets. Coach DiBernardo has won multiple college national championships on both the Men's & Women's side. Marcus decided to create the DiBernardo Online School of Soccer Coaching to offer the highest quality soccer coaching education at a small fraction of the price, and it is all 100% online. The objective is to provide quality soccer coaching education, at your pace, on your time frame, all online, no fear of failing, and no outrageous price tag.   


Course #1) Developing the Soccer Brain 

Price: $24.99






Developing the Soccer Brain course is like no other coaching course in the world, the methods will directly challenge what has been taught in traditional coaching courses, making you re-think the way you teach the game. If you are looking to be inspired with a fresh perspective, and new tools for player development,  this course is for you.  The future of player development is in the brain, it is not in the physical aspect! 

Topics Covered in the Course Include:

Decision-Making Models

Cultural & Environmental Influences on Player Development

Constraint Based Learning Theory & Soccer Application

Ecological Dynamics Theory

Ecological Training Session Design

Skill Acquisition

Full 4v4 - 11v11 Methodology Complete PDF Files

Over 2 hours of Video Lectures

Course #2) The Complete Rondo Methodology 

Price: $29.95 

The rondo course is all about learning and applying a rondo training methodology in your club from 4v4,7v7,9v9 to 11v11 game models.

Topics Covered in the Course Include:

Rondo  Fundamentals

Body Positioning

Tactical Objectives

Positional Game Model Rondos

Self-Organizing Rondos

Rondo to Goals

Transitional Rondos

Representative Game Design

Rondo and the Connection to Positional Play

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