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The Dibernardo Soccer School

The DiBernardo Online Soccer Coaching School was created as an alternative to the high priced, travel & time intensive, political and judgmental licensing programs that are currently given around the world. 


Instead, we want every coach who wants to enroll in 

professional soccer coaching education, to be afforded the opportunity, without judgement and constraints.

We believe the following:

  • Coaching education should be accessible for everyone, regardless of income level, experience, age, connections in the game, personal time constraints or prior licenses. 

  • Soccer coaching is about the sharing of ideas. We disagree with national federations who charge huge amounts of money to take expensive licensing courses, with many of the coaches failing the courses regardless of competency. 

  • Online education is critical to this accessibility and sharing of ideas. Online education broadens our reach and must be utilized todays modern society. 

Our courses are the complete opposite of what the national federations offer, we present high quality information to coaches, who then choose the methods and ideas they want to incorporate into their coaching. We don't judge the coach, we only ask that the coach be able to explain the reasons behind why they do what they do. Our goal isn't to produce soccer coaching clones that follow some made-up dogma created by supposed experts, our goal is to produce free thinkers, risk takers, creators and innovators in soccer coaching. If soccer is your passion, than failing is impossible with us, we will leave the failing of coaches up to the money making federations (shame on them). ​

We know that online education is just as effective, as on-site or in-person education; use of video, webinars and high quality presentations, online interactive education may even be more effective. So, why do federations require weeks away from home and thousands of dollars spent to get coaching licenses? It is purely about making money and limiting access to coaching opportunities.


Our approach is simple we want our coaches to take the ideas they learn online, and apply those ideas on the field, reflect on the outcomes and continue to adapt, change, innovate and learn. 



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Online PDF File Diploma's sent out every Friday.