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Club Coaching Provider * Futsal

Serving Westchester NY


Club Coaching Provider

DiBernardo Soccer School is a full-service club coaching provider. We supply professionally licensed coaches for teams, rec programs, and skills clinics. All coaches are trained in Coach DiBernardos's player development methodology 4v4 - 11v11. DiBernarod Soccer also offers full administrative club services, lessening the workload of Club Presidents and Board Members. For a free club evaluation please contact Coach DiBernardo. 


Instagram: @marcusdibernardo


About Coach DiBernardo

Coach DiBernardo is a featured global soccer coaching educator and consultant, having worked with New York Red Bull, Major League Soccer, and European Professional Clubs, as well as having his work published by a wide range of professional soccer outlets. Coach DiBernardo specializes in connecting academic theory to practice session design and principles of play while putting it all together into a comprehensive soccer methodology. Coach DiBernardo has written and sold over 45,000 books on soccer coaching, his work has been featured on the worldwide stage on Sirius XMFC's “The Coaching Academy”, the Soccer Coaches Summit, Championship Productions, the Finland Coaches Association, Direct Kick Radio, Soccer Knowledge Conference, and numerous other soccer podcasts and online shows. Coach DiBernardo’s YouTube channel is ranked #12 in the world, his coaching blog is ranked #23 in the world, and the “DiBernardo School of Online Soccer Coaching” is quickly becoming a leader in soccer coaching education. He served as the Cognitive Soccer Specialist for Trainers Magazine in the Netherlands, publishing numerous articles. Coach DiBernardo was the only American Coach to be featured at the “2020 Futbol  Neuroscience Conference”, viewed by coaches from around the world; presenting on developing the soccer brain. He is a 5X National College Coach of the Year, 9X Northeast Coach of the Year, and 11X Regional Coach of the Year, winning 4 National Championships, and appearing in 8 National Championship Finals. Coach DiBernardo has developed over 40 College All-Americans, placed over 150 players at the NCAA DI level, and sent many players into the professional game. He also has years of experience as a Director of Coaching and Coaching Provider, overseeing over 1,000 players at his club.
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