2 Courses for $49.95 or 3 Courses for $69.95 

Youth Level Diploma Course

Cognitive Soccer Diploma Course

The youth diploma course covers the U4 - U12 age groups. The course is a comprehensive progressive curriculum that covers all four phases of the game, and the theory behind a constraint based coaching methodology.

 The actual game structure for the U4-U12 age groups can range from 1v1, 2v2, 4v4, 7v7 to 9v9. The information in this course will fully prepare the coach for the implementation of a player development program for the U4-U12 age groups.

Course is emailed via PDF file within 12 hours. Please email us the second course you would like to receive (coachdibernardo.com). Both courses will be sent together.  

Course Cost: $49.95.....Download Sample Course 

Senior Level Diploma Course

The cognitive diploma course  leads the way in cognitive soccer theory, research, and the development of the soccer brain/soccer IQ. The course pulls together and analyzes the latest research from neuroscienctists, cognitive psychologists, exercise pyhsiologists, nutritionists, holistic health professionals, sports pyschologists, sleep specialists, movement experts, top brain theory educators and many more, as it applies it in a soccer specific context.  There is a focus on creating innovative learning environments that lead to the development of unique and special skill sets, ultimately increasing soccer intelligence and overall technical and tactical proficiency in players, as they develop an increased ability to problem solve faster, think quicker, learn faster, understand the learning process,have greater focus and increased emotional control. If your club is not developing the soccer brain, while developing unique technical and tactical skill sets, your players are falling behind every day. The future of player development is in the brain, it is not in the physical aspect! "Football is a game you play with your brain." ~ Johan Cruyff

Course is emailed via PDF file within 12 hours. Please email us the second course you would like to receive (coachdibernardo@gmail.com). We will send both courses together. 

Course Cost: $49.95....Download Sample Course

The senior diploma course covers the U13 - Adult age groups. The course focuses on the 11 v 11 game with an emphasis on group tactics. The concepts of periodization of training and game model construction, are taught in detail. Training theory in all four phases of the game are analyzed, so coaches get a well rounded view of training theory and tactics in the 11 v 11 game. 

Course emailed via PDF file within 12 hours

Course Cost: $49.95.....Download Sample Course

All 3-Courses for $69.95